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GraceWalks’ Business, Professional and Leadership Networking component connects us to people, organizations and businesses that are committed to the virtues of excellence, mutual respect, integrity, fairness, honesty, self-awareness and personal accountability. Together these virtues make up our commitment to conscious capitalism.

We believe that our businesses should operate ethically and serve the interest of all stakeholders. Although profitability is a key component of business success, it does not overshadow our commitment to a higher purpose and social responsibility to our employees, customers, management, stockholders, service providers and communities. 

This is why we are committed to the partnership of profitability and social responsibility.

Our goal is to strive to become our best and most successful selves through education and networking. We advocate for the success of our members and open ourselves up to finding ways to help our businesses and communities become healthier, more profitable and more knowledgeable. We believe that when businesses practice conscious capitalism; we function as cornerstones of a healthy economy and democracy.

Some of the advantages of being a part of our network association are: 


  • Advertising of your business and organization through member referral services

  • Executive Training on topics pertinent to your business


  • Partner with community non-profits to facilitate support and help improve and build healthier and more knowledgeable communities.

  • Access to Wellness Program for management and employees

  • Reward of listing your business with other businesses with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Some of the ways we support our communities is to partner with nonprofit nonpartisan

organizations to support wellness and education programs that build healthier and more

prosperous communities. 

Our goal is to advocate, network and support each other in building successful businesses,

organizations and professional careers; while also supporting the principles of conscious capitalism and giving back to our communities. 



GW Business, Professional and Leadership Networking Association

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How we work?

We meet online  for one hour per week to share individual concerns and learn how to best market each other’s businesses and promote conscious capitalism within our businesses and community.

The weekly educational audio book club is available weekly to share business and educational resources and trainings that impact us and help us to be our best in our businesses and in life. 

There are monthly in person meetings, when possible, with speakers assigned to speak on monthly topics that impact us and help us and our communities. 

Membership is by invitation and members must agree to a code of conduct that reflects mutual respect, excellence, honesty, integrity, fairness and active participation.



Cost for membership is now only $240 annually and can be broken into $25 per month

Learn More and Apply for membership by clicking below.


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